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My words

For my english readers


To begin

Every has a beginning and an end. It's my favourte sentence.

The new year is always a good inspiration. Even if it's often sad for me.

This is three poems about beginning:



A blank page


A blank page

Her soul refuse to begin again

No word can bright

No word can cure her madness

The blank page deeply distress her

She writes a word

And the dawn appears in the background.


Tell me what you think about it


Free or Slave

Hi my readers,


This is a 1,2,3,4,1 poem inspired by the movie "the birth of nation" and the serie "Roots" inspired by Alex Haley's book.


Free or slave

Free (Libre)

No chain (Aucune chaine)

Rejoice my friends (Rejouissez vous mes frères)

We can now go (Vous pouvez maintenant vous s'en aller)

Poor (Pauvre)


What do you think about this poem ?


Happy day


Hi my dear readers,


I have writing this on the New Year Eve and thought is not good enought to show it but I change my mind.

This poem show that I am an dreamer and will always be.



So many wishes

So many dreams

I have been waiting so long

But I had no reason to

Dreams will not come true

Unless you fight everyday

You have to move

Do something

Steps by steps

They will be your reality


Listening to John Lennon - Imagine


Happy saturday my readers